Terms and Conditions for the use of SimNomics’ website


Introduction and Acceptance

SimNomics ApS (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “SimNomics”) is a company registered in accordance with the laws of Denmark and provides the information on this website, subject to the terms and conditions set out herein and as may be referenced herein (collectively, the “terms”).

The use of SimNomics’ website is governed by these terms. Users of this website agree to these terms, and agree that SimNomics cannot be held liable for usage of this website. SimNomics reserves the right to amend and update these terms at any time.

SimNomics will do its best to present correct and current information on this website. Details and information on this website are, however, without guarantee. Users of this website therefore agree to access and use this website and its contents at their own risk. SimNomics is not liable for any damages arising from the access and use of or impossibility of using this website and is further not liable for any errors or exclusions.


Provided Content

All information that is entered by the users of this website (e.g. via the contact form) must be true and accurate. By using our website, you grant us the permission to use the information that you have provided via our website. For further details please review our Privacy Policy.


Communication from your side

We expect that all information that we have received from the users of our website is belonging to them personally and not to third parties.


Protection of websites’ integrity

The use of any automatic information gathering or extracting mechanism is prohibited; unless it has been agreed with SimNomics beforehand. Furthermore, the search for content and information is restricted to the search engine function provided by SimNomics and the ones used by common third-party search engine providers. You are also not permitted to transfer any kind of virus or damaging files to our website; or to disturb the functioning and the entity of website and software used; or to misapply the website with a purpose generating bad reputation. Moreover, the use of the website may not transgress any laws in force.


Personal Information

Your personal information is protected and used according to our Privacy Policy.


Intellectual Property

SimNomics licensed or owns the rights to use any kind of displayed content on this website. Every kind of text, media, data, trademark, name or logo that can be found on this website is protected by copyright and cannot be copied for other purposes; unless SimNomics has granted you permission to do so.


External Links

We may provide the users of our website with external links that provide further information regarding certain aspects or themes. With regard to those external links, we point out that visiting those links is on your own risks and SimNomics is not liable for any damages caused in relation to it. In addition, when visiting an external link, its individual terms and conditions apply.



The website is provided “as it is”. No warranties or guarantees are provided by SimNomics with regard to content and availability of the website.


Queries and Complaints

In case of any queries or complaints, you are welcome to contact us.



Last Edited on 2018-10-23