As a traveller you get a new approach on how to manage the large number of invoices collected during your travel
As a bookkeeper you are relieved of a lot of work managing the VAT refund process
As financial manager you get a new tool to increase your bottom line

You will always benefit

Some companies miss out on large amounts of money because they fail to obtain VAT refunds on money spent abroad. Perhaps because they are unfamiliar with the scheme. Or perhaps because they consider that the benefit is not worth the work involved in claiming the refund.

SimNomics has developed a solution which ensures that it is always worth your while to collect travel expenses – even smaller amounts. And there is no risk of loosing money. If the refund is not recovered, your company will not pay: No cure, no pay.

It only takes a minute

When travelling abroad, you receive lots of invoices and receipts from hotel accommodation, car rental, restaurants, taxi, etc. It quickly piles up to a high amount of paper to keep track on, and receipts can get lost.

SimNomics presents a solution to this challenge, which even reduces your overseas business costs. When spending money abroad on business trips, you are entitled to a VAT refund on your expenses, and now you can get your VAT refund in a much simpler way. All you need to do is to scan you invoices and receipts using your computer, smartphone or tablet. We will handle the rest of the procedure.

Save time on paperwork

So far, claiming VAT refunds on business travel expenses has been cumbersome. The accounts department has had to spend endless hours on entering data into forms, regulations, calculating and coordinating between local and foreign tax authorities. That is not the case with SimNomics: When the business traveller has scanned his or her invoices and receipts to a smartphone, tablet or computer, the VAT refund is automatically transferred to the company. Your accounting staff save a significant deal of time which can then be spent on other tasks, while we handle all the heavy paperwork.

About SimNomics

SimNomics has developed a service which simplifies the VAT refund process for companies travelling overseas.

You scan the relevant invoices and receipts yourself, and we will calculate your refund based on the VAT rates and regulations of the relevant country. Furthermore we handle all the paperwork and keep the process going by transferring the appropriate information between the local and the foreign tax authorities. The aim is for companies to avoid having to spend time on calculating, typing and administering the complicated rules in this area.

If no refund is obtained, the company does not pay a fee to SimNomics: No cure, no pay.

Click here to view a list of countries from which you can obtain VAT refunds.

We will definitely take advantage of this opportunity

teste01We appreciate the collaborate with SimNomics on VAT reimbursement, which means that we have made use of the opportunity to collect the VAT refund that we are entitled to. We look forward to further developing our corporation integrating SimNomics VAT refund service into our virtual travel reimbursement.

Steen Steensen, Sweco Danmark A/SCFO

teste01SimNomics’ VAT refund service is both easy accessible and contemporary. It can be accessed without having to integrate new and time-consuming processes within the company. The overview and transparency created through Executive Reports, together with the virtual Customer Universe is also a good management tool.

Karsten Hector, Plass Data Software A/SCEO

teste01Finally, a service that is so simple and straightforward that we actually manage to apply for VAT reimbursement. Pictures are uploaded – and then, we do not spend any more time on it. Easy and simple!

Alice Luff, PE-Redskaber A/SØkonomiansvarlig

teste01Sometimes we are able to make special arrangements for VAT exemption on some of the services we buy when we shoot film in the EU. However, we never manage to recover VAT from for example hotel accommodation, dinners, car rental, etc., although I’m sure there would be significant amounts to collect. It is really interesting that it will now be easier to recover some of that money. Is sounds like an attractive product which SimNomics is launching – almost magical. We will definitely use it. It would be foolish not to.

Jonas KoppOwner, Milk & Honey production company

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